Thursday, January 14, 2016

R2-KT Movie Patch

I have met R2-KT at Star Wars Celebration. My daughter fell in love with her because she was pink. We even have a mini-figure of her. She crops up a lot in the cartoons and conventions. We thought it was just a cute droid idea to make R2-D2 a girlfriend. Come to find out that R2-KT is so much more! I stumbled across an article on about this. She was made for a dying little girl named Katie (KT - get it?) and has a rich story of service and sacrifice in building her. After reading a post about her movie debut, I was proud to buy this patch. The proceeds go to many charities that help children with terminal illnesses. Check her out in the new movie and like her on Facebook!

Her puzzle patch is pretty cool - I might have to invest in that one as well.

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