Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Princess Leia Jedi from Comics

So, I watched the Rise of Skywalker and loved that Leia was a jedi, well kinda. But who cares? I was reading a review and it said the movie gave fans back a part of the EU (extended Universe) and I thought, What!

So more googling and I found a comic book with a Jedi Leia. And I had to make it!

Thank goodness for facebook, I put a call out on my Ladies of the Legions group and got so many replies with build threads and help. And to join the Bun Squad. So much Leia love.

I put together this costume fairly quickly and now I am submitting. Now I ain't a skinny chic, and in fact this year I have gained 15 pounds. So I am not a true Leia. But I don't care. I am motivated to lose a bit thought. I don't ever want to outgrow it; its so pretty.

Bad lighting in this room, which is also painted yellow makes my boots look yellow but if you look at the photo above, they are white! Not ivory.

7 plates but one more for back.

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