Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Beginning

Where did all the madness begin? Who can really tell? I know I loved reading Elfquest and LOTR as a child, my family watched Star Wars movies all the time but my descent began to speed up when I left home, started computer science classes and learned to play Star Craft and War Craft. By then it was too late. Now 20 years later I am still descending, still embracing the impulses that stir both your heart and mind. But unlike madness, with nerdness you never want to conquer it. You never want to triumph or overcome. Instead you keep still and let it consume you.

Welcome to My Descent Into Nerdness.

Some posts will be of past activities and fun-ness. Some are of my latest exploits, my hubby's costume making (which I started) and possibly my children, otherwise known as the recruits.

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