Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Twi'lek Ear Pieces

Latex Covered Foam Lekku Guide Page 1 - Stand and Pattern
Latex Covered Foam Lekku Guide Page 2 - Making Tails
Latex Covered Foam Lekku Guide Page 3 - Covering Them in Latex
Latex Covered Foam Lekku Guide Page 4 - Custom Ear Pieces

I created a Twi'lek lekku and made ear pieces, and never shared them with you all. If you wrap a piece of fabric around your ears you don't need them, but if you buy a nice headpiece off of Etsy - you need them.

Twi'lek Pam sells them but I easily made mine our of craft foam and painted them to match. I took my original ones (flesh colored) and made them green for my Hera costume. I love how they turned out. I wanted to be a twi'lek jedi for a baseball game and was in a hurry to get it all done and submitted in time.

But now I need to make some more flesh colored ones to go with my fleshy lekku.
Note: original set wasn't mirrored - so they look wonky on my head. I needed to have rolled them opposite ways but didn't notice till they were done.

Here are the steps: So easy too.

Cut circles out of your craft foam scraps left over from lekku construction. Cut a big pie piece out of each one. They will look like pac-man.

They should mirror each other, not be identical. That way they look right on your head (just like your ears are)

You start by rolling up one end, and it should roll around the circle almost like a rose 

I went over to my glue table and used glue to hold it all together. The most important part is not putting too much glue on bottom 1/2 inch and using enough glue on upper twist to hold it together. Hot glue was my choice.

Bottom will look somewhat like this.

You then need to seal them with spray glue - I use 3M-77, and let them cure for 72 hours.

While my second set is curing, note that they are opposite each other. You roll them in opposite ways so they look like mirror images of each other. 

Now this is my first set, I made it a little less pointy in style but I like them both. I cut the one end of the pac-man longer and rolled them so they had center to them.  I covered them in one thick layer of latex. And I was lazy and didn't second coat them. 

But then I covered them in latex paint to make my hera lekku so they would match because I was desperate for a new fun costume for the baseball game.

I cut four slits into the base about 1/2 inch up. 

This allows the base to flare open and let it lie flat.

And that allows it to be wedged in the hole of my headpiece from Etsy.

See, and it won't pop out because of the flaring base. Awesome! 

Latex Covered Foam Lekku Guide Page 1 - Stand and Pattern
Latex Covered Foam Lekku Guide Page 2 - Making Tails
Latex Covered Foam Lekku Guide Page 3 - Covering Them in Latex
Latex Covered Foam Lekku Guide Page 4 - Custom Ear Pieces

Monday, September 16, 2019

Free Helmet Bag Pattern

So, I wanted to create a custom star wars themed helmet bag for my Legacy TK, and I wanted to use this custom fabric (Sugar Wars) from Knitorious Fabric. Both meant coming up with a pattern.

Note: I left the upper half of mine black so I could add patches. In my pattern I made the sides a print but if you want to add patches, switch print with plain. Use print for zipper panel and plain on sides.

As luck would have it a friend was working on a helmet bag and I got to see how it all fitted together. So I made my own pattern! And when I wanted to make a second one, I made a crappy set of instructions to go with it. I've made three so far and plan to make one for all my helmets.

It's all measuring fabric, no printing of pages, and the directions are lame but you get the idea of how it all goes together. I just turned them into jpgs and you can click on them to get full size version, download and print. 

Enjoy, kinda, is still a lot of work. Project took a few hours, three because I have little kids so I am not sure of real-time for this.

I recommend the medium size for larger helmets like regular TK and stuff. The small fits my Legacy Era TK and my Poe Dameron helmet really nicely. I suggest making it out of old fabric to test it out first. It can be upsized easily.

The base/sides panel can be customized, just sew them together in whatever combo you want and make sure ending pieces fits dimensions listed. Obviously I split a side panel into black/print for the one above so I could put patches on.

30 inches of fabric or around a yard of one color
Optional 2 color scheme: 15 inches each of two colors
1 yard fabric for liner (optional)
1 - 18 inch purse zipper
Matching thread
Extra wide double layer binding (optional)
24 inches matching webbing for handles
Scissors/pins/sewing stuff

Directional fabric: May need to compare fabric to layout and get right amount.

Page 1

Page 2

page 3

Sherpa Lining Tips

Fabric Layout