Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Resistance Twi'lek

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So, I saw a bunch of people making Resistance Pilot costumes, but I wanted to have more uses for my Twilek Lekku. They are cool after all. And I got a brilliant idea to make a resistance pilot Twi'lek.

First I got a Poe Dameron Black Series helmet for full price, then got a second one when they went on clearance - sheesh.

My hubby brilliantly said to cut a hole in it. And before I could even reply he got up and took off. I didn't think much of it but he came back with a now hole-y helmet. He used a dremel. And just cut a big square in it. He avoided all the internal wiring and such.

I was like, ok. I didn't expect that but it worked. I test wore it at a hospital and it worked great, but looked like Poe. And wore my x-wing suit. So many problems with this cosplay.

So I took it all apart, ripped out electronics. and spray painted it.

Added some decals - I am the dragon squadron

Taped on to make some checkers, and spray painted

Spray painted some more, used silver sharpies for some parts

Weathered it. Clear coated it. Put it all back together...

and wholla! Now I cheated, there was a gal doing a run of suits. Meridian Costume Creations I just paid and had her make me one. And my hubby got super excited and made my harness for me. I started to paint the box and he took over that too. And the gun. And the holster. So yeah, he made my costume this time. 

Hey, I did the helmet. And I glued the gun together before he painted it. And I bought the boots. I need to buy the right gloves, get the box clipped on right, and maybe weather it but its all great looking! This was taken at Warriors and Wizards Fest.

Aren't we a cute couple?