Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My Jedi Pics

So I bought my Mace Windu Jedi Robes from CosplaySky - and I do really like them. The cloth is thin and probably will wear quickly. But for when they wear out I will just use them as a pattern. I chose the custom option and they fit perfectly.

I really like Mace Windu's tunic. I plan to revamp it in different colors (grey) but love the cut. Paired with a tight brown pair of jeans, brown boots, and my hubby made my belt. (he took the front metal part from the CosplaySky one and made the rest.)

I look pretty good! We bought the leather pouches and the jedi food capsules are painted pen caps. Really, painted pen caps. With metallic paint.

I purchased a head piece of Etsy - LadyCleoCosplay and it was quite good. It fit well and keeps my lekku on without a chin strap. It does hurt to wear it so tight for hours. I may have put it too tight as well, I highly recommend her!

And viola! I am a Jedi...

This is the only thing I don't like about my lekku - the ends touch or curve in. If I make another pair I will change the angle of them. Otherwise I love them!


  1. Great pics! Nice to see how it fits on you, as the last tutorial was a bit of a close up. You look great and very iconic! This is the best DIY method I've seen for lekku.

  2. I wish I had come across your tutorial earlier! I'm making mine using basically the same technique. I used mold making latex so it would be a bit thicker and not require so many coats but it did add a lot of weight. I would have sprayed on some adhesive to seal the foam if I'd thought if it! I'm at the painting stage now and relatively happy with them, but you had some better ideas that I wish I had adopted. You're curves came out better than mine and mixing the latex with the color was a great idea. When I paint mine, I'll have to add ANOTHER latex layer with paint adding to the weight. I'll at least use face latex this time. Thanks for sharing your amazing costume!