Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My armor arrives and change of plans - I am going with a FemTK, Legacy Era Female Stormtrooper kit

So like all other Trooper wannabes my Anovos armor arrived in a Big Brown Box. Know as BBB.   I was super excited, got the BBB home and opened her up.

And like everyone else I had to take a helmet shot.

Then I got all the pieces out and started basic trimming. The plastic parts had lots of extra stuff on them. So lots to do. What helped was to join and look at UKsWrath's tutorial. (hint: you have to sign up for a free account to look at stuff) Also, I joined the Anovos Stormtrooper kit Building group on Facebook. Those guys are amazing and helped give out tons of ideas and parts list.

And then it happened. First, the helmet was huge on me. My small head just swims in it. Second, my dear Hubby tried on my armor parts and they fit him pretty good. And they don't fit me at all. I am not a skinny gal but I drown in them. The trimming now seemed so daunting, and then they would have to be heated and re-bent to fit at all... it all seemed so overwhelming.

Then someone posted that a Female TK kit was out there. What? How come no one mentioned it before? How come I couldn't find a link to it on Why was I not aware that there was other option out there?

And then I asked the men in the Anovos group and they listed Imperial Surplus's Female Stormtrooper kit designed by Kevin Weir. His facebook page - KW designs was the best way to contact him. It looks amazing! And I am just the right size for the specs, and since my hubby has been eyeing the Anovos one for a Sandtrooper. We got it.  And it arrived in three weeks. And its beautiful!

Notice how the torso on the right has a more feminine look with a tapered waist, and no cup in the crotch area.  It is also a brighter white. Here are all my pieces laid out. I am very excited!

I have no idea how KW got this all into a small brown box! He is a packing master. I will be assembling my own helmet though. Anovos did that for you. They were almost the same price.

Now to buy shoes, neck seal, and find some guidance on how to put it together.

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