Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Merry Sithmas

Star Wars stuff used to be limited to the Star Wars room - amply named for all its star wars stuff.  I personally am not a collector. My hubby is. While I read the books, watch movies, follow blogs, and make costumes, he buys tons of star wars crap - oh, mementoes.

And now it is taking over other parts of the house. Nerdy though I am, it might start bothering me.

New last year was the Star Wars lawn ornament set from our local hardware store. I liked them too and bought them for dear hubby.

And this year it was the Star Wars Tree. Luckily my black Halloween tree (used for The Nightmare before Christmas Ornaments set) worked out great. I still can't believe I found a black, fake christmas tree!

Complete with Star Wars Ornaments. I wanted more red, but he wanted silver. Sadly Target was out of the Yoda Tree Topper, and I want the Darth Vader Tree Topper, but the recruits want a star. So Jed tied a Bossk action figure up there. It was pretty funny....

So next year it will be one of these: well maybe.... unless something cooler comes out.

And check out this ornament set from ShopBuyTrend by Disney. I might just buy this now for next year. That way I don't regret it forever.

I am pretty sure my geeked-out hubby will be very happy. Especially for Han Solo in carbonite.