Monday, November 30, 2015

Star Wars Mania

We all know the new movie is coming out - but holy snikies! So are tons of merchandise. Not that I complain that often about buying cool star wars stuff but I think it may have reached a new, pitifully low level with Disney buying the franchise.

Just a few finds:

We are waffle people so naturally I did buy this item from and I admit it works pretty well! The waffles are very filling and huge, and can't easily be divided without destroying the death star. Something my recruits at home just love.

Shower heads: both hubby and I agreed this was just creepy. Having Darth Vader stare at you while you shower just seems wrong.

R2-D2 humidifier: Oh, Disney, how low can you go! But of course I bought one for my son's room. Sheesh, like shootin' fish in a barrel.

Notice our star wars room. Filled to the hilt with Star Wars and Marvel crap - Oh, I mean collectibles. But the puzzle was actually fairly challenging and kept our attention for most of November. It is a photomosaic puzzle of Boba Fett. It is so difficult in parts that you have to peer with a magnifying glass at the guide they give you to look at the patterns on the mosaics. Best 10 bucks spent ever!

And this was mine. They were out of the Tie Fighter so I got this one to give to my hubby. This 3D metal model was super hard to put together and besides being super shiny, and super cool lookin' - it now sits on a rotating base that just adds to the geekiness of it all. I highly recommend this one. But not for kids, maybe a very skilled teen.  And get the base, you will want it. They now have ones that light up.