Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The final chapter... StarCraft: Legacy of the Void

I became hooked on StarCraft in college. I loved the alien races, the storyline and expansion packs. Guess how excited I was to find out (three years ago) that they released another series in this genre. I immediately bought it, played it multiple times, and have cherished the experience.

Now with games changing to online environments that focus on a main character (MOBA) or alliances, this might be my last chance to relive the strategy-styled games. Gosh, how I miss the thrill only Age of Empires or Warcraft II could give, building a base, amassing troops, and crushing your enemy. Gathering resources, upgrades, research - all added to the challenge. One game I miss most of all: Galactic Battle Grounds. Star Wars meets Age of Empires. I still have the disk and an old Mac to play it on. Too bad no new games have come close to taking their place in my gaming heart.

I admit to being sucked into their online world a little bit. I have really enjoyed the short stories based on the games plot. Some of them are very well written.

StarCraft will probably evolve into something else. For now, I can pre-order the last chapter, play the three pre-games while I wait for it to release. And relive my glory years for the last time. Nothing will ever be the same.

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